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Psychotherapy in English

My name is Ilona Gajak and I am Gestalt psychotherapist. My adventure with psychotherapy has begun few years ago in Gestalt Institute in Cracow where I have finished 4-year training. I am conducting individual therapy and continously develope my skills by taking part in external trainings. Additionally, I have also experience on different positions in international companies, including leadership and participation in diverse projects.


In my work, I am using Gestalt methodology. For me, Gestalt is about human, where what you think, feel, believe is crucial and respected. This therapy is focusing on „here and now” and is about building your consciousness (who I am, why I behave like that, which of my behaviours are not serving me) and deciding if I want to keep doing like this or change something. This is accepting your past and in the same time focusing on what you feel and can do now. This is learning about your strenghts and weeknesses. This is expressing yourself and your boundries and accepting boundries of other people. This is learning how to live with one another and be yourself in this relationship.


I can support you in following situtation:

– you experience difficulties in your current life:  you are you going through a crisis, illness, loss,

– you have relationship problems (e.g. you feel lonely, underestimated, misunderstood, you are afraid of closeness),

–  you live in a rush and on the other hand, you feel that you can no longer stand it, but you don’t know how to change it,

– you feel professionally burned out,

–  you can’t find your  place, or you have the impression that something is missing in your life,

– you wish to start something new but you are afraid of it,

– you want to accept or believe in yourself,

– you want to understand yourself (your motives, values, desires) and get to know yourself (strengths and limitations, passion, talent).

To make an appointment, please:

– call me or write sms: +48 501 716 384 by phone or Signal (link to Google Play) or 

– write:


 The price is:

– consultation – first meeting where I will tell you a bit about therapy and my experience and you will tell me about yourself. It is also a time to discuss possibilities of therapy (long term, short term) and the therapy agreement – 100 PLN/ 22 EUR/ 25 USD/18 GBP*/**

–  individual psychotherapy session 50-minutes – 140 PLN/ 31 EUR/ 36 USD/ 26 GBP*/**

* Prices in foreign currencies are calculated according to the exchange rate from 20/10/2021. They may slightly change depending on the PLN exchange rate. Please check with me current price.

Payment in currencies other than PLN only via bank transfers.

** Payments are possible also in other currencies. To get the price contact with me.

We can meet:

– personally in my office ul. Przedwiośnie 2a/40, or

– online via communicator Signal – application to be downloaded on phone – free of charge – see Signal Privicy Policy:


According to new regulation – GPDR, please be informed that I will be processing your personal data. Giving your data is voluntary and in the same time necessary to conduct therapy. More about data protection and your rights you can find in „Information on data processing – therapy” (English version is available below the one in Polish).